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Hario V60

Hario V60
Ratio: 1:15
Coffee: 23 grams
Grind: medium (about the fineness of table salt)
Water: ~360 grams, about 202° (if you don’t have a thermometer just wait about 5 minutes after water reaches a boil)
Time: 2:00-2:30 


What we use:

  • Hario V60 Glass Size 02 + paper filters size 02
  • Fellow EKG
  • Thirdwave Water
  • Baratza Encore Grinder (any good quality conical burr grinder will do!)
  • Dank Brioso Coffees



  • 23 grams of Brioso Coffee ground for pourover (a medium grind like table salt)
  • 360 ish grams of water 202°F (use distilled with Thirdwave water for extra points)


The Steps:

  1. Pre-wet the filter!
  2. Add ground coffee to the filter, create a small “well” in the coffee bed that mimics the shape of the filter (slightly cone-like)
  3. Pour 60-75 grams of water for pre-infusion and bloom for 20-30 seconds
  4. Add 100 g water in spiral motion starting in the center towards the edge. Let drain halfway and repeat once (you should have ~270 grams at this point!)
    1. Quickly and briskly, knock down “high and dry” grounds from the edges of the filter in this phase, we want all that coffee in the brew bed!
  5. Add water to reach 300 grams (in spiral motion), let drain halfway and then add water until a yield of 345 grams is reached (staying in the center area, gentle water flow), let drain and enjoy