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Ratio: 1:16
Coffee: 42 grams
Grind: medium – coarse (slightly finer than kosher salt)
Water: 700 grams, about 203°, if you don’t have a thermometer just wait about 5 minutes after water reaches a boil (This only makes about 2 cups of coffee)
Time: 4 minutes

1. Pre-wet the coffee filter with the hot water to get rid of the papery taste and to warm the Chemex, dump out the water after this step.

2. Preferably grind coffee right before brewing, if it’s already ground, weigh out 42 grams and place into the filter, level out the coffee bed gently so it’s flat, then make a small well in the coffee bed, tare the scale to start the extraction at 0 grams.

3. To start the bloom, or initial degassing of the ground coffee, start your timer and pour about 70 grams of water into the well and the rest of the coffee bed and wait about 20 seconds.

4. Pour 150 grams of water in a circular motion to start extraction evenly over the coffee bed, the cone should be just over half full at this point, use a small spoon to stir the coffee grounds in an “x” motion about twice, to encourage extraction. Keep adding enough water to keep the coffee at the same level in the cone until you reach 700 grams, then let drain.

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