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Single Origin Instant Coffee


Costa Rica Finca San Calletano and Ethiopia MWP Decaf in INSTANT COFFEE FORM! Have a killer cup of joe on the go - just stir with 8-10oz of water. Great for camping, traveling, and lazy days. Yes, it's that easy, and yes, it's really good. Available in single 5g packs, or save some cash with a 6-pack!

  • Origin – Costa Rica
  • Farm - San Calletano
  • Micromill - Alto San Juan
  • Process – Red Honey
  • Variety  Red Catuai
  • Table notes – Cherry cola, blackberry, winey finish

You DO NOT have to brew this! It's brewed and freeze dried using a proprietary method, water soluble, and has a minimum two year shelf life. Extremely cool. Extremely easy.