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Cold Brew - Toddy Style

Cold Brew - Toddy Style

Ratio: 1:11
Coffee: 1 lb
Grind: coarse (about the size of kosher salt)
Water: 1.3 L room temperature (it’s good to leave out water you’ll use for a few hours to make sure it’s truly room temp)
Time: 12 hours*

*Since this takes so long, it’s a good idea to start this in the evening or before bed so it’s ready the next morning


Set up water into a large container that fits over a gallon of liquid.

Put coarsely ground coffee into a large paper filter and tie off with a string to make sure that grounds don’t accidentally get into your brew. Leave a small amount of “headspace” in the filter so that coffee can move a little in the bag while brewing and get fully saturated.

Carefully submerge the coffee filter into the water, make sure all air bubbles dissipate which will indicate that the coffee has been fully saturated.

Place the lid on your container, or seal off the top, and let that baby brew for 12 hours.

After 12 hours has passed, carefully remove the filer and strain out the remaining cold brew that remains and add back to your brew, you don’t want to lose this precious coffee.

Put the finished coffee into a pitcher or other serving container that you want to use and keep in your fridge for a week to a week and a half.

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