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Costa Rica Finca Sabana Black Diamond

Didn't we JUST have a Black Diamond Natural coffee? Yes. Did we get another one because we loved it so much? Also yes! We've got another Costa Rica Black Diamond Natural for you to try this spring and we may like this one even more. If you're unfamiliar with the Black Diamond Natural process, it's a new to us experimental natural coffee processing method that produces a product with more clarity and sweetness. This method is a much slower drying time using temperature control created by Oscar Chacon. When we tried this cup we were pleasantly surprised by the softer citrus flavors, strawberry, and rich cocoa aroma. This finish of this coffee just goes on and on so if you love richness this one is for you!
  • Origin – Costa Rica
  • Region  – Central Valley
  • Farm Sabana Redona
  • Micromill Las Lajas
  • Variety Common Costa Rican Varieties
  • Process – Black Diamond Natural
  • Table notes – Cocoa, creamy body, strawberry, bergamot