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Project Echelon ALL-ROUNDER!

Educate, Equip, Empower. "ALL-ROUNDER!" is a custom blend we created for the Project Echelon Racing team. Brioso Coffee has been a proud sponsor of Project Echelon since 2020, $5 of each All Rounder purchase goes directly to Project Echelon to help them in their mission. "ALL-ROUNDER!" is a simple blend created to be used in nearly any brew method! Try it as a pourover or drip coffee, even as an espresso. At the end of the day, "ALL-ROUNDER!" is going to have your back. Any day, any time, any race.
  • Blend Guatemala Waykan Huehuetenango Washed/Ethiopia Fruit Dried Natural
  • Table notes – Creamy peanut butter, dried fruit, smooth finish