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Costa Rica Finca Las Lajas Yellow Diamond

Las Lajas is famous for creating new processing styles especially within Honey and Natural processes. Their coffees are innovative and exciting for coffee professionals and casual drinkers alike! The Yellow Diamond Honey process starts in a similar fashion to their other honey processes with pulping and drying on raised beds, then thee beans are moved to patios to continue the drying process. The drying takes about 15-22 days, much longer than a typical honey, resulting in a unique flavor profile. We taste cranberry, citrus zest, and a sweet boozy finish. Both coffees from Las Lajas are very limited in quantity this year so get them while you can!
  • Origin – Costa Rica
  • Region  – Central Valley
  • Farm Finca Las Lajas
  • Micromill Las Lajas
  • Variety Caturra and Catuai
  • Process – Yellow Diamond Honey
  • Table notes – Cranberry, zesty, sweet boozy finish