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Costa Rica Alto San Juan Finca San Calletano


We are so excited to finally have a Costa Rican honey process in the house again! This coffee is a microlot meaning it comes from the Alto San Juan Micrommill which is owned and operated by Diego Abarca the producer of this very coffee. This specific lot of coffee was processed using the Red Honey process where coffee cherries are pulped then moved to a covered patio for drying. Drying takes several days whiles the coffee is turned to prevent rotting, the parchment layer turns red giving it the “red honey” name.
On the cupping table we tasted a lot of sweetness, big mouthfeel, and a slightly funky finish. This coffee is going to be awesome however you like it and will make a fabulous espresso and pourover.

  • Origin – Costa Rica
  • Micromill - Alto San Juan
  • Farm - San Calletano – Diego Abarca
  • Process – Red Honey
  • Variety – Red Catuai
  • Table notes – Cherry cola, blackberry, winey finish