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Fellow Stagg [X] Pourover set


A new way to brew at home from Fellow! This kit comes with it all for those looking for a flat bottomed brewing experience. The Stagg [X] kit is a single cup brewer that comes with a stainless steal vacuum insulated dripper, a small funnel (for getting those grounds straight into the filter), ratio aided dosing cup (for perfect dosing every time), 30 paper filters, and a double walled glass carafe/tasting cup. 

  • Stagg [X] dripper features: 
    • steep sloped vacuumed insulated walls 
    • unique bump and hole placement for no clogging in drain
    • ratio aided dosing cup (for when you forget your scale!)
    • 10oz capacity, one cup at a time!
  • Tasting cup features: 
    • flared lip for optimal liquid delivery to your palate 
    • hand-blown borosilicate glass, double walled of course! 
    • made to perfectly fit with your Stagg [X] dripper